Venison Casserole

Horseradish Dumplings




We take a great deal of time and care to select the ingredients we use, working hard to balance price and cost to deliver the best value for our guests. We don not strive to be the cheapest or the quickest but we do want to offer you the best experience whether its for a pint of crystal clear draught after a walk or a feast for a family celebration. 


We use local where possible from our local award winning butcher sources our Pork from Mr Caffety at Ashover to our supplier from Hope Valley who sow the seeds to feed the cows that provide the milk to produce their excellent ice cream.

We believe that you will struggle to find a better wine list - it isn't the biggest list - but almost every wine and champagne is available by the glass and you will not find better value or even cheaper prices in most cases thanks to our cash margin pricing approach. Amarone by Bolla RRP £63 - £80 available by the glass and at £37.10 - amazing value

Dine Out Club offer amazing value for regular guests - up to 50% off food - and joining up is simple and a no brainer.  Just don't forget to book through the bespoke members website 

We believe The Devonshire is more than just another country pub we hope you love it too.


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